Best radio spots you can ever find | Best Spots on the Air
So you know you need some radio spots.  Only the best radio spots will do.  They've gotta be compelling.  They've gotta break through the noise.  They've gotta be humdingers.

Oh, yeah, and they have to make a point.

Radio reaches 72% of all US consumers every day and, while listening, each of those consumers is exposed to hundreds of spots. Which radio spots resonate across the cognitive landscape? Which ones lodge in the cerebrum? Which radio spots motivate trial?

OK, which ones work?

Easy.  The best ones.  The ones posted below for your listening pleasure.  The ones created and produced by us.  Spend some time with our 20 second audio clips, and we feel confident that you'll agree.  We make the best radio spots on the planet.  Ok, maybe just North America.

That's why we chose the brand Best Spots on the Air.

Net Comm: To recruit new officers and cadets, you have to know the psychological drivers that motivate career change. When females are the target, need for respect is the driver..

Sample Clip:

Net Comm: This is the swingingest way to communicate that our pretzels taste better than everybody else’s. Be careful. You’ll be humming this jingle for days... And days....

Sample Clip:

Net Comm: What great imagery for wines, the classic, timeless, elegant little black dress. And what better music to brand LBD wine than this jazzy cocktail tune?.

Sample Clip:

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